October 2017 Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter

HOME green tips


– Leach indoor house plants to remove built up soluble salts remaining from fertilizer or minerals from water. Use kitchen sink or bathtub and water and drain plants twice to remove salts, which if left can burn roots and brown tips and margins of the leaves. Move plants away from drafty windows too so they can still soak up the sun but stay warm.

– It’s time again to shred leaves into grass and seal house up for colder temps! Look for gaps where pipes and wiring enter house and caulk around those as well as window frames, (lock windows tight), and doors to prevent heat/energy loss and keep moisture out.

– Use shredded paper for composting, filling for packages, or art projects and avoid putting in recycle bin. Most recycle facilities have difficulty collecting and accepting it or it’s not compatible with machinery.


Use those inedible vegetable trimmings—carrot peels, zucchini stems, onion ends, celery root ends and more—to help reduce food waste. Place ends in a large zip top bag and put in freezer. When bag is full, add trimmings to a large stockpot, cover with water, and simmer for 4–6 hours to make rich vegetable stock.


– De-clutter, de-personalize, and clean house and yard to make it sale ready. Add plants inside and out.

– Make small repairs or updates, and touch up interior and exterior paint for fresh look. Upgrade lighting.

– Open up each space, including closets, and remove stuff/bulky furniture. Stage/decorate rooms with Seasonal colors.

– Add tech touches like a built-in USB wall charger for $20.00, or a luxury motion sensor faucet to bath or kitchen sinks for under $100.00.


DENVER:  Denver Metro Seasonal Cooling Continues Following Strong Summer. Denver Metro real estate market experienced continued seasonal cooling in August, with prices falling, fewer homes selling, and a decrease in the number of homes being listed. Typical Summer Cooling Home prices in the greater Denver Metro area saw decreases for the second consecutive  month, but still eight percent higher than this time last year. Inventory remains tight as we head into fall. http://blog.recolorado.com/category/monthly-market-statistics/

BOULDER:  Boulder County Inventory Increases Continue Heading Into Fall. New Listings in August were up 3.9 percent for single family homes and 22.1 percent for townhouse-condo properties. Pending Sales landed at 323 for single family homes and 97 for townhouse-condo properties. The Median Sales Price was down 1.2 percent to $570,384 for single family homes but increased 4.7 percent to $360,000 for townhouse-condo properties.

The prevailing trends lasted through summer. This was expected, since there have not been any major changes in the economy that would affect housing. Factors such as wage growth, unemployment and mortgage rates have all been stable. Every locality has its unique challenges, but the whole of residential real estate is in good shape.
Recent manufacturing data is showing demand for housing construction materials and supplies, which may help lift the ongoing low inventory situation in 2018.

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