November 2017 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

HOME green tips


– Plug in a WeMo Switch Smart Plug, download the app, and control power usage of lamps, fans and appliances anywhere from your phone to maintain a more energy efficient home.

– Place an aloe plant in the bedroom for its oxygen releasing benefits and clear the air of benzene chemicals found in detergents and plastics. (Keep aloe plants away from animals).

– Put produce and bulk items into handy mesh cotton bags to cut down on plastic bags.


– Sip on Oregon pinot noirs and European reds said to be most abundant in antioxidant polyphenols.


– De-clutter, de-personalize, and clean house and yard to make it sale ready. Add plants inside and out.

– Make small repairs or updates, and touch up interior and exterior paint for fresh look. Upgrade lighting.

– Open up each space, including closets, and remove stuff/bulky furniture. Stage/decorate rooms with Seasonal colors.

– Add tech touches like a built-in USB wall charger for $20.00, or a luxury motion sensor faucet to bath or kitchen sinks for under $100.00.


DENVER:  Denver Metro Home Prices Remain Strong, Inventory Tight. Denver Metro home values remained strong in October, with home sale prices increasing. Inventory tightened during the month, as fewer new listings of homes for sale came to the market.

BOULDER:  Boulder County Prices Predicted to Maintain Highs. New Listings in October were down 3.9 percent for single family homes and 13.1 percent for townhouse-condo properties. The Median Sales Price was up 7.5 percent to $575,000 for single family homes and up 13 percent to $397,000 for townhouse-condo properties. Days on market remain flat, slightly higher for condo properties.

Although inventory levels are low in many markets, there has largely been enough listing and building activity, and conversation about future activity, to keep prices from skyrocketing toward another bubble. Low affordability has started to become a recent topic of conversation and is definitely worth watching. But with a healthy economy, level of demand and national unemployment rate, sellers are going to be hard-pressed to lower prices.

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