December 2018 Newsletter

December Market Update winter home tips -Humidify dry indoor air with a low maintenance Areca Palm plant, said to transpire as much as a quart of water in 24 hours. Other plants that replenish air moisture are the Boston Fern, Spider plant and Peace Lily. -Collect old holiday decorations such as candles and holders, tree…

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September 2018 Newsletter

HOME green tips GREENER HOME GREENER PLANET – Consider replacing plastic non-recyclable top hand soap dispenser with a time-less glass jar stainless steel dispenser, or soap bars. – Plant in the fall fall color trees, shrubs, wildflowers, ground cover/grasses. Prune trees in late fall or winter when dormant. – Fly greener by purchasing carbon offsets, which…

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July 2018 Newsletter

HOME green tips GREENER HOME GREENER PLANET – Pinch smaller leaves and flowering buds off top of herbal plants as soon as they emerge (before they bloom) to maximize growth and flavorful leaves. – Ditch chemical sunscreens for mineral ones and help protect ocean coral reefs and its marine life. – Choose furniture with the Greenguard certification stamp to ensure…

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