Spring 2018 Newsletter

HOME green tips GREENER HOME GREENER PLANET – Add a little spring to your step and house with 3-5 drops of energizing, antibacterial lemon essential oil in your morning water, and 8 drops to white vinegar and water (3 to 1) 16 oz.  spray bottle to clean house and freshen air.  – Help birds with their nests by providing a…

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December 2017 Newsletter

HOME green tips GREENER HOME GREENER PLANET – Send gifts sans plastic in reused cardboard boxes, fill with brown or recycled shredded paper, seal with paper tape, and help reduce plastic waste in landfills.   – Checkout these unique and beautiful handmade recycled cards by Good Paper ( and help support transforming lives around the world. – Cover your iPhone next…

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November 2017 Newsletter

HOME green tips GREENER HOME GREENER PLANET – Plug in a WeMo Switch Smart Plug, download the app, and control power usage of lamps, fans and appliances anywhere from your phone to maintain a more energy efficient home. – Place an aloe plant in the bedroom for its oxygen releasing benefits and clear the air of benzene chemicals found in…

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