Summer 2019 Newsletter

summer home tips  – Spray natural fungicide Ceylon cinnamon oncplant killing fungi. White powder or brown, black, yellow spots on leaves, and gnat bugs in soil can indicate fungal disease. Wisk 3-4 tbsp of ground cinnamon into 1-2 quarts of warm water. Let sit overnight then strain in a coffee filter and use the leftover liquid as your spray. Spray…

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March 2019 Newsletter

Spring home tips – Fertilize plants with a daily cup of nitrogen/potassium rich coffee grounds (pair with phosphorous rich grass clippings to neutralize acid), which can replenish soil and attract earthworms giving soil a healthy boost. – Prune back leggy indoor plants and re-pot before longer days of spring growth begin. – Get a little greener with your fridge…

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December 2018 Newsletter

December Market Update winter home tips -Humidify dry indoor air with a low maintenance Areca Palm plant, said to transpire as much as a quart of water in 24 hours. Other plants that replenish air moisture are the Boston Fern, Spider plant and Peace Lily. -Collect old holiday decorations such as candles and holders, tree…

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